Dealer Name – WallCraft

Initial Call
Customer needed a solution to keep bugs off his patio, so that they could enjoy their outdoor living space more often. In the brutal summer months in Texas, they had completely lost their patio to the mosquitos and other bugs in the area.


After looking at the problem area, it was an easy decision to offer the customer MotionScreens from Universal Screens. A MotionScreen in each opening of the patio would allow the homeowner to completely seal in their outdoor living area, at the push of a button, and keep it free from bugs and debris.

Why Universal MotionScreens?

For this situation, a simple roll down shade would not do. The customer needed to completely seal in the patio, but still have the flexibility to not be trapped in. A full screen room with glass windows would have worked, but that would have been a permanent structure. A MotionScreen provided the flexibility to have a screened-in porch when they wanted that, or a wide-open porch when they needed that. Utilizing a zipper track system, the screens would allow for a sealed in solution between each column of the patio.

The screen we chose was a Black SuperScreen, and that allowed for maximum visibility as well as a great barrier to keep bugs, specifically mosquitos, out. The flexibility and the clear view through the screens provided an absolute homerun of a solution for the customer.


This is where the magic happened. Yes, the customer decided to go with MotionScreens on all three openings, and they were excited about the opportunity to take their patio back from the pesky mosquitos. However, life got in the way, as it so often does. The customer was diagnosed with cancer, and unfortunately the financial investment for MotionScreens was simply too much at that time. We had to call Universal Screens and cancel the order.

Universal Screens was not taking that answer, though. They refused to cancel the order!

Instead…..they donated three MotionScreens to our customer, and had the entire production, sales, and front office team come out to install them. Our company and our customer were at a loss for words!

The MotionScreens were installed, and our customers were over the moon! These 3 MotionScreens will provide countless hours of enjoyment of their outdoor living space.

Universal Screens simply went above and beyond in this situation.