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Why should you motorize your exterior screen?

somfy-couple3Are you thinking about installing an exterior screen?  Consider a motorized screen to maximize the enjoyment of your home.

Motorized exterior screens allow you to spend your time how you wish and create the home environment of your choice.  They can be operated with remotes, wall switches, timers or sensors and can even be controlled with your favorite smartphone or tablet.

The benefits of Somfy motorized solutions

  • Open and close with ease while preserving the screen material.
  • Motors are completely concealed so choose your preferred material for beautiful and functional exterior screens.
  • Easily control screens with your favorite mobile device or integrate with third party systems to streamline control with integrated lighting, home entertainment, security and heating and cooling systems.

Why Somfy?

Quality, innovation, service, support… Much more than motorization for exterior screens!

Dedicated to Service & Support

  • Motors backed by a 5 year warranty
  • Comprehensive on-line product support library
  • 110 million motors produced and sold since 1980
  • Production capacity of 70,000 motors a day
  • 270 million users worldwide
  • 100% LEED Accredited Sales Force

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