The Comfort and Might of SuperScreen

If your home uses screens on windows, doors, sunrooms, or pools, you know the maintenance and upkeep required. You should replace most screens every few years to combat age, sun exposure, and wear and tear. Your home’s screens can become a major investment and feel like an uphill battle.

It will come as a relief for most homeowners to hear that a new product, Twitchell SuperScreen, is revolutionizing screens forever. SuperScreen is UV tolerant, incredibly strong, and bacteria-resistant. It’s the only screen that resists fading and tearing, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs over the years. Here’s what you need to know about this groundbreaking new product.

What is it?

SuperScreen The screen that lastsTwitchell SuperScreen isn’t your average fiberglass screen mesh. It is made with an advanced polymer formula that has fiber strands woven into its fabric for extra strength and resilience. SuperScreen’s special formula makes it the ultimate screen to stand up against bugs, mildew, pets, UV rays, and children. Here are some facts about this amazing product:

  • The SuperScreen fine mesh 17/20 weave provides the same clear visibility as a standard 16/14 weave.
  • Debris from wind and storms bounces off SuperScreen – even falling tree branches.
  • Dogs and cats can’t tear through SuperScreen’s tough mesh formula.
  • SuperScreen excels at pest control, keeping out even the tiniest bugs. Plus, the mesh will never crack, puncture, or tear to let pests inside.
  • UV resistance means you’ll enjoy a glossy, bright “new screen” color forever.
  • SuperScreen can stand up against 800 pounds of resistance. This adds plenty of safety to your balcony or porch.
  • The investment in SuperScreen will pay off again and again in saved repair, replacement, and labor costs.

Use SuperScreen to improve the look, feel, and durability of porches, balconies, sunrooms, swimming pools, patios, screen rooms, greenhouses, gardens, and more. The color/luster retention and superior resistance to wear and tear make this product a must-have for any homeowner.

SuperScreen: A 20-Plus Year Lifespan

During testing, SuperScreen only lost 1 percent of its original strength from weathering in seven years – not enough for homeowners to notice! After seven years, it was still three times stronger than new fiberglass screens. This test reflects SuperScreen’s ability to withstand years of sun exposure and age easily, equating to at least a 20-year lifespan. The endurance of SuperScreen can save you the major expense of rescreening and the intermittent costs of repairing rips and tears. Not to mention the peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing you invested in the best screen possible for your money.

Interested in Installing SuperScreen?

If Twitchell SuperScreen sounds like a product you could use in and around your home, contact Universal Screens for sales and installation. We work with Twitchell to bring the amazing SuperScreen mesh to a variety of applications. We use only the finest materials to screen in standard and over-sized spaces. We love SuperScreen and know our customers will too. Call (888) 583-3361 and ask about SuperScreen to learn more.