Introducing Neocontrol Smart Home Capable Products

Motorized Shades and Home AutomationIn the 1950s/60s, there were often technological exhibitions and fairs dedicated to “The Homes of Tomorrow” and how different products could be used to increase comfort and convenience. Their dreams for the future paved the way for the innovations of today. Yesterday’s “Homes of Tomorrow” are here right now with Neocontrol Smart Home Capable Products.

Security Systems

At the push of a button from a panel or your smartphone, you can access your home security system, look at your cameras, receive alerts from motion sensors, and notify the police within a moment’s notice to maximize the safety and security of your home. You can access the system from anywhere in the world from a mobile device so if you are out of town or at work, you can have peace of mind that your home is safe.

Control Your Lighting With Ease

With our revolutionary system, you can pre-program different lighting options to suit specific needs, whether it be a romantic lighting profile or energy saving options for the daytime. The smart panel in your home or your app can instantly transform your house to the perfect lighting concept.

Shades Go Up and Down at Your Whim

There is nothing more annoying than sitting in your home and watching television or reading and receiving glare from the sun streaming in through your windows as it rises or sets. With our smart technology applications, you can beat the sun at its own game and lower your motorized shades immediately without getting up.

Go Further Than a Remote

Control your home automation and motorized shades with a phone.Neocontrol Smart Home Capable products can make it easy to start watching your television or listening to your music at your preferred settings from one centralized location, without having to invest in multiple remotes or spend time programming one “universal” remote. The smartphone or tablet you use daily keeps everything neat and tidy in one spot.

Individual Controls

No two people are the same and everyone likes things to be just-so in their home. For homes with multiple users, having a profile and settings for different people keeps everyone at their peak comfort-level without any compromises. No matter what, you can have your home automation system the way you want it.

Easily Upgradeable

For every new product, you can find a seamless and easy transition. Neocontrol makes it effortless to keep everything on the same page for the smooth running of all your smart home products. Whether you need to upgrade existing products or add products, everything works from the same system, meaning you needn’t worry about applications or models being compatible.

Schedule For Daily Routines

For those who have a regular schedule and do not want to have to constantly adjust settings, there are timer controls to easily make things happen when you want them to happen. Set a time for a specific function/functions and forget about it!

With Neocontrol Smart Home applications and products, what once seemed like science fiction or a pipe-dream is now a reality. Ease, comfort, and convenience at your fingertips can be a part of your life.

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