Why Company Culture is So Important

Just because you don’t have an experience in an industry, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go into it.

Imagine starting a new job and immediately having some major life events happen. However, instead of feeling alone, the new company does what they can to help you get back on your feet.

It’s not just some too good to be true story, but it’s the story of Derek Costa at Universal Screens. Derek talks about why when he came to work for Universal Screens, he was immediately overcome by the kindness of everyone he was working with.

He also talks about why work ethic is so important to him, and why he’s always up for giving 110%, no matter what he is doing.

They also discuss his twitch stream, and why he’s so passionate about doing so much more than just streaming but helping others find their own way.

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Full Episode Breakdown

1:34 - Getting the opportunity to meet Derek and learn more about his journey to Universal Screens.

4:40 - Derek explains that why, no matter what he is doing, putting 100% into his work is so important to him.

7:10 - Derek talks about how fatherhood has changed him.

10:46 - The official taste test of this episode’s beer!

11:52 - Derek talks about his other passion, which is gaming and streaming, and why it’s been important to him.

14:38 - Derek talks about why creating opportunities to help the community has been so much fun.

17:06 - The guys give some more insights and details of working at Universal Screens.

21:00 - The guys discuss why it’s so important for the entire company to feel like a family at Universal Screens, and how it all began with Glenn.

24:20 - More discussions about Derek’s incredible work ethic, and why it’s so important for him to share with others.

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