How To Create Pride of Ownership Within Your Employees

Having pride of ownership among employees is every business owner’s dream, but how can you get there with your employees?

In this episode of Behind the Screens, the guys welcome Brent Crandall, who is the Sales Manager at The Blind Depot. What started as a ‘job to get through college’, has now turned into so much more, 25 years later.

Brent talks about his journey at The Blind Depot, how he navigates being the face of the company, but not the owner, and why he take such pride in his job and the company.

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Full Episode Breakdown:

1:10 - Brent talks about how he became part of the Blind Depot, and how it was supposed to be just a temporary job.

3:20 - Brent pulls back the curtain on some of his video creation and how he does that.

6:00 - Brent discusses how he moved to a leadership place within the company, and what was most important for him to do.

16:45 - Brent talks about where he sees the exterior market is going.

19:50 - Brent discusses the difference between the interior and exterior coverings worlds.

22:10 - Brent talks about how they discovered they were grossly undercharging.

26:10 Why understanding your limitations as a boss is so important for the success of a company.

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