Lake Charles Patio Screens – Louisiana Shades

Do you love spending time outdoors, but hate having to deal with biting insects and the hot sun or stormy weather? Maybe you would like to simply relax or work in your garage or on your porch in privacy. You also may hate to think about enclosing your outdoor area with stationary, fixed screens that can affect your view and don’t allow you to easily remove them.

Your Lake Charles Home Solution: Motorized Patio Screens and Shades

Enclose Porches, Patios, Balconies even Garages

Motorized patio screens can enclose and transform your outdoor space with the simple push of a button. Our motorized screens will protect you and your family from the bugs and inclement weather while also allowing you to easily raise the screen if you choose. It’s the best of both worlds!

Motorized privacy screens-Lake Charles, Louisiana

Garage Door Screens

Garages have become the new “Man Caves” and/or “She Sheds” allowing you to transform an area typically used for parking the car and storage into an additional living space. Enjoy time working on projects or with the family in an enclosed leisure area without worrying about the elements or insects.

Privacy Screen

Do you love to work in your Lake Charles garage or on your porch, but you don’t really want to have an audience? Maybe, you just want to read a good book, but you don’t want your neighbor to notice that you’re outside and come over for a chat. Motorized screens help protect your privacy. Leave them down to work in private or simply enjoy your enclosed outdoor space with fresh ventilation and cool breezes.

Weather Protection / Four-Season Rooms

Leave your screens up to let the sun shine in or bathe yourself in shade when that sun turns scorching on hot Louisiana days. Motorized patio screens will also protect you and your family against a rain shower, chilly autumn winds and even a winter snowfall. You can also employ sun sensors which will automatically raise or lower your screens depending upon the angle of the sun. Weather no longer needs to be a worry when you have motorized screens.

Insect Protection

Summer days and evenings are wonderful times to plan an outdoor meal or social occasion. But, uninvited guests (bugs) may come to your party. Protect your family and friends from biting insects like mosquitos, files, bees, wasps and especially those horrible no-see-ums. You can enjoy your outdoors and keep these intruders at bay with motorized patio screens.

Motorized Patio Screen Features & Sizes

Our motorized retractable screens fit openings up to 22.5 feet wide and can be customized to fit any doorway, window, or aperture. The motorized screens can be surface mounted or recessed, depending on your preference and home.

With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, motorized screens can blend perfectly into your Lake Charles home’s decor.

Motorized screens are available with wind and sun sensors so you are always comfortable and protected from the elements with the simple touch of a button.

Installation & Warranty

Since every home is different, our certified dealers will install your motorized screens to your specifications. We also stand by our products and craftsmanship. If there is something wrong, we will take of it.

Contact Universal Screens Today

Are you interested in more information? Please contact us or give us a call @ (888) 583-3361 and talk to one of our trained professionals about your motorized screen options today!

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