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We manufacture the finest motorized retractable shading solution on the market, the Universal MotionScreen. We use only the highest grade materials in the construction on each MotionScreen, and back them up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We manufacture in the USA, centralized in Plano, TX to provide nationwide service. Each MotionScreen is custom manufactured to fit most standard and over-sized applications, and we offer 7 standard colors designed to blend stylishly with the décor of your home. A variety of screen mesh options is available, from trusted vendor partners, that offer solar protection, privacy, and full ventilation. With the touch of a button, the MotionScreen is there when your customer needs it, and gone when they don’t.

MotionScreen™ retractable screens for decks & patios.


At Universal Screens, we preach TEAM. Every facet of our production process is done with teamwork in mind. A good product can only become great, when made by the right people. We have GREAT people! From marketing support, to production, to after sale customer service we feel that you will agree that our people is what separates us from the competition. Each day, we punch in with one goal: Exceed Your Expectations!

Superscreen™ the world's strongest solar screen mesh.


The key to providing a great end-product is to use high-quality materials. We have made sure to align ourselves with some of the best vendors in the industry, including Somfy, Phifer, Twitchell, Recasens, SergeFerrari, and others. In addition to those vendors, we have chosen to stay local with our aluminum extrusion company, powder coaters, machining shop, and packaging partner. Our process is simple and we surround ourselves with great  supporting companies to provide a superior product to your end-user.

Somfy motors for motorized patio shades


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  • Vendor Relationships
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Support

In order to sell MotionScreens, you must be equipped with the knowledge. The more you know about the product, the more confident you are with your customer. We want you to have the information at your fingertips through our Dealer Guidebooks and our pre-loaded thumb-drives, containing marketing help, estimating help, price lists, specifications, etc. If you need actual parts to display to the customer, just say the word, and we will have those ready for you. We want you armed to sell!

At Universal Screens, we are only as good as those that support us! In an effort to provide our dealers and distributors with the highest-quality materials, we strive daily to maximize our relationships with our trusted vendor partners. We know that if they have our back, you will always be covered in a time of need. There are many suppliers out there to choose from, but we select only the best for our MotionScreens because your customer deserves that!

Everything we do here is fully, custom! No two homes or openings are identically alike, and that’s exactly how we want it. We create a fully custom MotionScreen, from raw materials…to the shipping box…and, installed at the end-user. Our manufacturing process is simple, yet we pride ourselves on taking quality control very seriously. We build a high-end product, and want to do our absolute best to ensure that it leaves our facility in pristine condition.

Once the MotionScreens leave our manufacturing facility, our work is not done. We have a staff of trained sales reps and customer support personnel to provide you with any help that you might require. Whether that be a simple or complex installation question, or a question about upgrading Somfy accessories, our talented team is here to help you.


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