Cable MotionScreen™

Cable-Guided MotionScreen™

Not every home or application can utilize our zipper-track system, so for those instances, we created the Cable-Guided MotionScreen™ system. This allows the same clean look that we are known for, while allowing you to block the sun in those troublesome areas. While these will not provide a bug-free environment, some areas of the world simply don’t have a bug issue. Ideally these are intended to simply block out heavy sun, or keep light winds at bay while you enjoy your patio.

Cable Guided Outdoor Screen
Cable Guided Motorized Screens

Cable-Guided MotionScreen™ Features

  • Sizes- Our Cable-Guided MotionScreens™ fit openings up to 16 feet wide & 12 feet tall
  • Screens- A variety of screen mesh options are available, from trusted vendor partners, that offer solar protection, privacy, and full ventilation.
  • Cable- Guides- The guides are made of stainless steel airplane cables, and anchored both inside the housing unit of the MotionScreen™, and at the base into either the floor/ground or a wall post
  • Automation- Control your screens through a wall mounted remote, a handheld controller, or an app on your smartphone.
  • Warranty- Our screens come with a limited lifetime warranty to protect homeowners.

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Give us a call @ 972-696-0181 and talk to one of our trained professionals about your motorized screen options today. We custom manufacture all of our screens to your needs and our team provides only the best customer service. We help our customers find the most fitting option for their home or business so they can get the most from their motorized screen system. Our number one priority is your satisfaction.

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