Cable-Guided MotionScreen™ Project

Motorized Cable Guided Shade Installation

Cable MotionScreen™Peachtree Blinds has the ability based on its top notch installation team to make the appropriate modifications to existing structures so that the end result is one that looks like the product was intended to be there all along. This span was 14′ 9″ wide with a height of 9′ 10″ high. Crown molding had to be adjusted and reinstalled as well as using pressure treated lumber to make a flat, flush surface at the top for the housing. This is critical to securing the product for safety, promoting a smooth up and down lift, and looking like part of the structure. Mitered corners, painting and re installation of the crown molding is all part of the Peachtree Blinds installation process.

Retractable Screen Fabric Selection

Light colored fabrics are known to reject more of the Sun’s intense rays while dark colors absorb more. At 95%, a mere 5% is all that is left to come through the mesh material. It still allowed the homeowner the ability to see through the mesh and still feel some breeze.

Light colored fabrics are more effective at reflecting heat, and allow more visible light into the room. Fabrics that block 80-90% of the visible light are an excellent choice for providing more light where windows are small, and in common areas where a lighter, brighter ambience is desired. Light is filtered, and view through the fabric is similar to a sheer drapery.

  • Higher RS (Solar Reflectance) values mean lighter colors reflect more heat away
  • Higher VLT (Visible Light Transmission) values mean more daylight is allowed to pass through

Dark-colored Solar Screen Shades

Dark fabrics provide excellent glare control by reducing the visible light that comes through the fabric. Fabrics that block 94%-96% of the visible light provide excellent glare control characteristics, and will absorb some heat and keep it at the window until it dissipates into the room. In applications where passive solar warming and glare control are desired, dark colored solar screen fabrics are optimal.

  • Higher AS (Solar Absorptance) values mean more light and heat is absorbed
  • Lower VLT (Visible Light Transmission) values mean less light passes through the fabric, resulting in excellent glare control

Choosing The Correct Motorized Screen System

Unviersal Screens offers 2 primary systems; a track system or a cable system. We selected the cable system because the homeowner had no desire to keep bugs or debris 100% out of his living space. The cable system offered a sleeker look and did not require any additional demolition or build out to secure.

The Result

The client was 100% satisfied with the result. It reduced the temperature by over 12 degrees while eliminating the intense glare from the West facing Sun. The desire to create privacy during the daytime was achieved by the lighter mesh as it is nearly impossible to see into the living space from the outside. The benefit to the homeowner is that they can still see out!


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