What You Need to Know About Our New Arion Shading System

Are you looking for the convenience of an exterior shade, with the aesthetics of an interior design? The Arion Shading System offers the best of both worlds with a new revolutionary design. Enjoy the sleek look of an interior shade with the superior protection and durability that only an exterior shade can offer. With quality components, sleek finishing hardware, and several installation options, the Arion Shading System can help protect your outdoor areas from the sun and wind.

Hand Crank Outdoor Roller Shades for large openings

The Benefits of the Arion Shading System

The Arion system is an oversized roller shade that combines the sun and wind resistance of an exterior shade with the modern aesthetics of an interior design. Previously, exterior shades were durable, but not as attractive as their indoor counterparts. The professionals at Universal Screens have been dedicated to offering the best solutions for your exterior shading needs, and the Arion Shading System is the answer.

You can enjoy several benefits with our luxury oversize roller shading system:

An Ideal Solution for Large Spaces

If you have a large outdoor space in need of protection, our roller shade system provides the perfect solution. Our roller shades are made of durable material that will protect your outdoor living areas from the elements and changing weather. Best of all, these luxury shades are custom-fit for your exterior spaces – no matter how large or small.

Shades for Interior or Exterior Application

The Arion shading system is so attractive that it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Its ultra-modern design makes it ideal for your interior shading needs, while its high degree of resistance makes it a good option for your outdoor areas.

Reduce Temperature and UV Radiation

It’s nice to enjoy the warming weather in the sun, but you don’t necessarily want to feel the full wrath of the summer swelter. The Arion Shading System can work to reduce the temperature of both your interior and exterior areas, so you can enjoy the outdoors without the need for fans.

Exterior shades are also a smart way to reduce your exposure to UV radiation. Not only will these roller shades prevent the excess heat of the sun’s rays, it will also effectively block any harmful UV rays. With the Arion roller shade system, you can enjoy the best parts of being outside, while mitigating the heat and its ill effects.

Manual Hand-Crank Outdoor Roller Shades

manual oversize roller shades for exterior and interiorUntil now, it has been impossible to find quality oversized outdoor shades that are hand-cranked. Available in a width up to 16′, the Arion Shade System is a manual operated exterior roller shade you cannot overlook. Our dealers have been asking for it and now we are proud to offer the finest made interior/exterior, manual or motorized roller shade system for large openings. The operational options include Cable-guided, Rod-guided, or Free-Hanging with either a hand-crank or Somfy motor.

Enjoy More Privacy

While you enjoy working in your garden, you might not appreciate your neighbors looking in on your outdoor activities. Outdoor Roller Shades allow you the privacy you need, so you can enjoy your yard in peace.

Arion Shading System Options

The Arion roller shade system comes with all aluminum components for lightweight installation and superior durability. Universal Screens proudly offers several installation options, like motor or crank installation, or cable or rod guidance. Let us design a custom luxury roller shading system based on your unique needs, preferences, and budget.

The new Arion Shade System is perfect for your interior or exterior application. To learn more about these outdoor roller shades or to discuss offering these exterior shades to your customers, contact Universal Screens today.

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