Combine Motorized Vinyl and Motorized Screen for a True Four Season Room

The patio is the best room in the house when the weather is nice, but homeowners neglect it when the weather becomes colder. Enjoy a true four-season room with the combination of motorized retractable vinyl shades and motorized retractable screens. Turn the patio or porch into the ultimate place for relaxation and family fun all year round.

What Are Motorized Vinyl Shades?

Our retractable motorized vinyl shades are made from Sattler, Serge Ferrari our Fenestra vinyl. The clear coating of the vinyl allows for temperature control without compromising natural light from outdoors. The shades are completely retractable, easily changing a patio into an enclosed sunroom and back with the push of a button.

What Are Motorized Screens?

Retractable motorized screens are similar to the screens found on most windows. The difference is that these screens retract with the press of a button. They offer fully adjustable protection from pests, nosy neighbors, and the sun. Transform any living space for optimal comfort and enjoyment with motorized screens.


Vinyl motorized shades in WinterWhen the weather is colder, motorized screens help keep the heat in and the weather out without sacrificing the view. Retract the motorized screens so they don’t obstruct your view and enjoy the peaceful, snow-covered yard with a mug of warm cocoa in comfort. Keep an eye on the kids building a snowman and don’t worry about rising energy bills due to the heater. Enjoy a soak in the hot tub in privacy on winter nights by lowering the vinyl shades. Get full use from the patio in the middle of winter with the combination of motorized vinyl shades and screens.


The weather starts heating up and the bugs start coming out. Lower the motorized screens to keep pests out and still enjoy that fresh spring breeze. When April showers threaten to pour down, lower the vinyl shades to stay completely dry. Motorized vinyl shades and screens offer full versatility to any leisure room during the transition seasons. Don’t play guessing games with the weather when the push of a button easily transforms any space.


Summer with motorized shadesMotorized vinyl shades not only keep heat in during the winter, they also help the air conditioning unit keep the room cool during the sweltering summer. Retract them in the evening when it starts to cool down and lower the screens for the perfect sunset dining conditions, without the bothersome mosquitos. Sunbathe on the patio in privacy by lowering the motorized screens. Combine all the advantages of the indoors and the outdoors this summer.


Don’t lose the use of the patio in colder weather. Watch the leaves change color in comfort with your retractable screens, keeping the room warm and protected from the windy weather. On really cold nights lower your vinyl shades and still enjoy a view with the clear vinyl panels. Raise the screens to get the last rays of the summer sun. Gather the family around and host Thanksgiving while enjoying a view of the sunset. There’s no reason to retire the best room in the house just because of the weather when retractable motorized vinyl shades and screens provide effortless comfort.

Call Universal Screens for a Four Season Room Today

There’s no sense in having a room in the house that can only be used for a few months of the year. The combination of motorized screens and vinyl shades provides easy versatility and comfort for any room or patio, no matter where you live. Our knowledgeable and professional team offers the best service in the business. We lay out all the options and create the ideal package for our customers. Browse the Universal Screens website for product options or call today to find out more (888) 583-3361.

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