Creating A Profitable Outdoor Space Even In Cold Months

Restaurant Outdoor ShadesA beautiful outdoor patio or deck can make your restaurant stand out from the rest. Even during cooler months you can have a profitable outdoor entertaining area. Outdoor dining areas range from simple sidewalks to lavish bars with water features. To make the most out of your space come rain or shine, warm or winter, motorized shades are available with all sorts of options.

Motorized Vinyl Shades

Clear vinyl shades allow the warmth of the sun to fully penetrate the interior space while creating a transparent barrier against the elements. Ideal for restaurants and outdoor gathering areas such as decks, patios and gazebos, these fully transparent shades provide clear visibility and offer protection from cold wind and rain. Restaurant shades and deck shades are available in many different sizes and styles, and can be clear or solid patterned to create windows and match the buildings exterior. These all-weather outdoor shades can also be custom printed with logos or other designs. Take complete control of the weather in your outdoor space and make it a desirable place to be all year long.

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Motorized Retractable Screens

For warmer months retractable screens offer unlimited versatility. In the same way solid motorized shades give you the ability to control temperature, you can choose from screen mesh types that provide insect protection, solar heat reduction, natural ventilation, improved daylight, or increased privacy control. No matter what your desired function is, we have more screen mesh options than any other motorized retractable screen manufacturer on the planet.

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Commercial motorized retractable shades

Many restaurants combine the use of motorized vinyl shades and retractable screens to be prepared all year long but another added benefit is the fact you can roll them up into their minimal housing and have wide open space whenever you wish. There is no doubt that motorized shades and screens can revolutionize the use of your commercial outdoor space and help you bring in more customers no matter what the weather brings with them.


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