Spring 2019 Looks More Beautiful Behind a Motorized Screen

Your patio space can be a make-or-break for how well you enjoy the Spring. A patio can afford comfort and serenity outside, giving the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

With people dusting off their patio furniture as the last of winter melts away, every home could use a little facelift this spring with a motorized screen for their patio.


Motorized Patio Shades by pool

More Privacy With Little Effort

Neighborly love is wonderful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t have your privacy. A motorized screen is like a partition in a limousine, offering privacy and comfort while still allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Less Sun, More Fun

Motorized screens, at the push of a button, can take the glare of the sun off you while you are trying to relax and get some fresh air outdoors. The sun, while a pleasant source of Vitamin D, can also overheat, annoy, and sometimes make it more difficult to see due to brightness. The sun is the cause of 90% of the world’s skin cancers; having a screen is not only good for comfort but safety, as well.

Keep Air Flowing Smoothly

Sitting on your patio shouldn’t be a stifling or cramped experience. Fresh breezes can keep air circulating in a healthy way without the use of a fan. Having a motorized shade doesn’t just block out sun, but also provides great airflow. With a vast selection on the market today, it is easy to find a material that will allow for the flow of air while keeping out the sun’s harsh rays.

Keep Out Pesky Pests

No one likes bugs when they’re trying to enjoy a cool glass of lemonade outside in the spring weather. Keep bugs out of your patio sanctuary with a motorized screen, so the fear of mosquito bites or finding a fly in your beverage is the last thing on your mind.

All of This When You Want It, How You Want It

Do you not want your motorized shade down? No problem! Just press a button and the shade goes up, disappearing out of sight. Users need not have to get up and adjust blinds or shades to get comfortable. Sit in your favorite chair outside and, with the power of technology, have your patio how you want it. Installation of mountings can be surface mounted or recessed and comes in over 30 different options to suit your needs. You are in control of how your patio looks and feels…always.

Integrates With Most Home Automation Systems

If you have a smart home, your motorized patio screen can integrate effortlessly into that system, making the need for multiple remotes for several systems a thing of the past. It’s so simple, anyone can use it, making the technology accessible to all.

The technology of today’s homes is rapidly growing and motorized screens are part of that leap into the future. Enjoy your patio outside this spring by creating a private oasis (without having to pay to travel to a private island) and invest in a motorized screen today.

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