The Importance of Legacy

In this episode of Behind the Screens, the guys reminisce about the founder, who is still a major part of the company, Glenn Messner.

Unfortunately, Glenn passed away in November 2015, but his legacy lives on, and his values are still scene in the company every day. From the way others are treated, to the philosophy that everyone is a friend, Glenn’s memory is a live and well within the walls of Universal Screen.

In this episode, the guys talk about what Glenn meant to them, and how he treated everyone like they were family.

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Full episode breakdown:

1:10 - The guy stalk about Glenn, and why he’s still missed every single day at Universal Screens.

5:15 - They talk about why Glenn never doubted that they were going to make this company work, and why it would be such a success.

6:50 - The stories of Glenn, and the passion he had for celebrating the wins and his employees.

7:45 - Why the guys are so excited that while Glenn’s vision seemed grand, how they’re at the point that he had dreamed of being at.

12:00 - Why Glenn taught them that taking care of your employees was so important as a leader.

15:10 - They talk about why Glenn’s mot

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