Growing Through a Pandemic

Behind the Screens is back for Season 2, and Shawn and Joe are welcoming Alex Rutherford of US Custom Creations.

Alex has been a long-time client of Universal Screens, and in this episode, they discuss their relationship and how it’s grown and more about US Custom Creations’ Success.

They talk about why Alex decided to add retractable screens to his business, and why he jumped on the opportunity to expand his business into Cincinnati.

They also talk about how the pandemic changed any of the US Custom Creations Team processes and what technology they use to make a more productive and streamlined workforce.

If you’re interested in learning more about US Custom Creations, visit:

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Cincinnati: 513-475-0182
Louisville: 502-244-2045

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Full Episode Breakdown:

1:04 - Meeting Alex and learning more about their original relationship and how he grew to one of their largest clients.

3:03 - How Alex added to the under deck system he was already installing to add more options for their clients.

4:52 - Alex discusses how his roots in Louisville was part of why he started there, and why he ended up expanding in Cincinnati.

6:30 - When it comes to expansion, Alex talks about what is on the horizon.

8:30 - Alex talks about his COVID pivot, and how they changed once the pandemic hit.

11:20 - How the sales process changed in both companies after COVID, and why in-person is still great but not necessary to close a deal.

14:22 - Alex talks about the technology that they’re using and how it’s increased their productivity and efficiency.

16:10 - Alex talks about the small details that he focuses on when installing and selling motorized screens and why it makes such a difference.

23:10 - The discussion of growth in the markets, and how it’s impacting Alex’s business.

26:57 - Alex talks about commercial vs. residential work, and where he’s the most focused (and why).

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